The Brook – a quick update

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The Brook’s recent events.

I have done very little writing about my goings on down the local as of late. This is largely due to the lack of water and flow in there at the moment. The water level became an issue much earlier this year than it did last, and it didn’t take long to realise some work was needed.

Jase Coggins and myself recently began the task of improving the flow through areas which had almost come to a stand still. With the use of some large rocks and other suitable woody debris we’ve created some narrower sections which in turn have increased the flow rate. With the increase of flow the bottom has really cleared out and sections of gravel in excess of 50 yards have now appeared. As well as increasing flow, we have also opened up a hole in the dense woodland to allow more light to filter through on to the gravel run, which in turn will hopefully help with fly life. We are now looking at other sections which need improvement, where the water has become a little to wide and very shallow. All being well the changes will have a lasting effect and encourage more fish to move into the area.


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