Review: Tacky fly fishing – original fly box

Tacky, tacky fly box, fly fishing, fishing, fishing accessories, the tree trout

Tacky Fly Box – Original.

A good fly box is like having a good wallet, keeps all those important things safe and in one easy accessible place. A badly organised fly box means time lost searching for that perfect fly. Or in worst case scenario a sprinkling of free offerings into the river!. Everyone has had it happen and will again at some point in your fishing escapades. With these problems in mind I looked at what was on offer in the vast array of fly boxes. The decision was made fairly easily and quickly ‘Tacky fly box’. With a Slim profile, Clear lid, and not forgetting the silicone storage I was sold. As with most things we purchase on the web I was unsure what to expect. My initial concerns were that the lid may become cracked or broken if dropped, or the lid would open in my bag as it had no clips. On arrival my concerns were put to bed, The magnets on the lid closure work a treat and are yet to let me down. The lid is super durable and can take one hell of a beating (I’ve dropped these boxes more than once on rocky river banks).

Tacky, tacky fly box, fishing, fly fishing, fishing accessories, the tree trout, review

Slim design makes these great for use in check packs or wader pockets.

Thinking outside the box.

With an ever-growing collection of flies I was drawn to the idea that the Tacky fly box offered storage for 168 flies. Upon first arranging some order to the flies in my box I was concerned that flies close together may make removal difficult. Fortunately Tacky’s silicon system grips the fly tightly and eliminates accidental removal of other flies, therefore making 168 flies easily doable. The slit silicone system also makes the placement and removal of flies super easy and is probably one of the easiest I’ve used. The closure of the lid is held shut with two powerful magnets removing the need to fumble around with clips, great when hands are cold!. The lid is made from clear poly-carbonate which is shatter resistant and highly durable. Also being clear allows visual identification of your flies without the need to open the box which is great when you carry more than one box.

tacky, tacky fly box, fly fishing, fishing, angling, fishing accessories, review, the tree trout

Slit silicone system, magnetic closure

box of perfection.

It’s not very often that I purchase something and truly believe I will never have a need to change for a different style/design. Tacky fly box offers everything I could possibly want from a fly box. The size fits perfectly into the internal pockets on Simms bags, or my fold out pocket on my Orvis waders. I can open my bag and see through the clear lid whether its my nymph box or dry-fly box. I have enough room within two boxes to carry everything I could possibly need and if needed could fit it all in one box. The opening of the box is super easy yet very secure and to top it off I know they will stand up to some serious punishment. What Tacky have made will be a hard one to beat and have definitely raised the bar for other fly boxes to step-up to. All you have to do is add the right bunch of flies and you’ll have a box of perfection too.

Box measurements: 7″  x  3 1/2″  x  3/4″
5.4 oz


tacky, tacky fly box, fishing, fly fishing, angling, the tree trout, fishing accessories, review

fits perfectly in hand, adequate spacing for all your fly needs

Get your box of tricks.

If the Tacky original doesn’t quite fit your needs whether it’s too big or needs to hold big bugs then don’t worry. Tacky offer a variety of box styles ranging from a ‘day pack’ box, ‘big bug box’, ‘Tacky tube’ and also a new ‘dry fly box’. These are all available with the great features of the original box other than the tacky tube which is a bit different to the norm.
Check them out at;  Tackyflyfishing
Alternatively find your nearest dealer; Tackyflyfishing-Dealers

tacky, tacky fly box, fly fishing, fishing, fishing accessories, angling, review, the tree trout

Like these so much I’ve ended up with 3 so far



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