Arriving in Slovenia – fishing trip part 1

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Day 1 – Arriving in Slovenia.

After a late night packing and getting final preparations done, I was rudely awoken by my alarm at 2am. Shortly after I was In the car and on route to the airport. Typically the motorway and various junctions were closed for maintenance so what is usually a hassle free journey became into a headache.

Before long Richard and I were through security and sat with a coffee waiting to board our flight. After some shuffling around with the boarding gate’s we were finally aboard and the journey began. After a short flight we arrived in Marco Paulo airport, collected our bags and headed in search of our hire car.

Loaded into a Fiat panda we trundled off down the Italian motorway for Slovenia. With some coffee stops and Friday afternoon traffic our journey to the border took us a little over 2 hours.

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Crossing the border into Slovenia

In Slovenia – First view of the river.

Heading through Slovenia we quickly began the ascent through the valleys climbing alongside the River Soca. To say the water clarity and colour is breath-taking is an understatement. With less than 40km to the lodge we decided to pull over and gaze off a bridge into the river. Utter amazement is what greeted us, no photos do this river justice.

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Arriving at the lodge.

After arriving at the lodge and settling in, we decided to pop down to the Upper Baca and take a look at one of the rivers close to hand. After a short drive down the mountain road we parked next to a dam which is home to a very large Marble trout and admired the view.

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Our first impressions of the river were very high. And we both eagerly anticipated the following day to get off and do some fishing. So after a walk along the banks we called it a day and headed back to the lodge for some food and much-needed sleep.

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