Review: Simms retractor – an alternative to the conventional zinger

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Simms Retractor.

With so many accessories available to the modern-day angler. It’s sometimes difficult to distinguish a difference other than the brand name. One very item which I have been using over the past 6 months falls in to this category, zingers. These are readily available and very rarely change much in appearance or how they work. But on another note get a bad one and they don’t last long at all. Simms offer a slight variant to the original style zinger going by the name of the ‘Simms Retractor’.

Simms, simms retractor, fly fishing, fishing, angling, fishing accessories, the tree trout

Simms Chest packs and other bags provide docking stations which work perfectly with the retractor

Much difference?.

Well firstly lets look at the Simms retractors main build features. Instead of your usual round cartridge which stores the wire and spring mechanism Simms uses a plastic tube around 3-4″ long. And rather than a thin wire which extends and retracts, the Simms retractor has a coiled length of Polyethylene. This arrangement removes the need for a spring to aid in returning the extended piece to its primary position, Reducing the chances of failure. The coil features a tapered head which locks into the tube to avoid your tools attached bouncing around. The tool attachment on the head of the coil is a quick release catch very similar to quick change swivels found in carp and pike fishing. On the rear of the Simms retractor is a stainless steel pin with a very trust worthy locking mechanism.

Simms, simms retractor, fishing, angling, fishing accessories, fly fishing, the tree trout

Secure stainless steel attachment pin with locking mechanism

In use.

The main reason for me purchasing a Simms retractor was due to how well it worked with the Simms bag range. The large pin attachment can be passed through 2 holes on the rubber tool ports found on either side of the bag making for a very sturdy secure attachment. I use mine to prevent my forceps going a miss whilst in the river. The coil holds pliers and forceps without much extension under weight when the tapered head isn’t pushed back into the tube. One point I prefer with the coil is that when extended and pulled across my chest pack or bag, there is no worry of the coil getting trapped under zips etc like convention wire zingers can. The coil extends to around 2 feet which is plenty enough whether its being used with forceps or tippet holders etc.

Simms, simms retractor, fishing, angling, fishing accessories, fly fishing, the tree trout

Coil with around 2 feet of extension

Is it worth the extra?.

The Simms retractor will definitely keep its place on the side of my bags. being very unobtrusive and having very little to go wrong it should last a very long time. Yes its slightly more expensive than a conventional zinger but in my opinion when used in the right situation (used on chest packs and bags) then it is worth the extra.

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