The river Lugg – Lyepole – Leominster

River lugg, lyepole beat, wye and usk foundation, grayling

The Lugg.

One of my reasons for starting a blog was to give other fisherman a bit more information on rivers and venues throughout the country. Id noticed that when ever we’d planned to fish a new river, we struggled to source additional information regarding the chosen venue. Yeah i get there is information available, hidden within the many forums on the web but i don’t find any enjoyment trawling through page after page for a few snippets of information which is usually quite dated. One of these venues we had this very problem with was the river Lugg.

Setting the scene.

I’ve Chosen the river Lugg for my first one, as this place has become part of our staple fishing diet. The river Lugg starts its life at Llangynllo, Powys in the Radnor forest of Radnorshire. It makes its way through the border town of Presteigne, then on through Herefordshire. Then onto the town of Leominster which is where the Lyepole beat is located. South of this it is met by a tributary, the River Arrow. Which together they flow on and join up with the River Wye at Mordiford. The river Lugg is around 45 miles (72 km).

The Parking.

The boring part but i’m sure you’ll agree, there’s nothing worse than turning up to find you must leave your car perched on some eroding bank with the boot hanging in the road. Fortunately The car park is more than adequate with space for at least 10 cars parked with some sort of order.

Grid reference/location will be disclosed upon booking the beat through the Wye and Usk Foundation

The beat.

beat is available through the Wye and Usk foundation:

The river Lugg Lyepole beat is 1 mile of double bank fishing. It is located upstream of Amestry, and downstream of Kinsham. It flows through the beat surrounded by some stunning scenery, steep sided hills littered with forests line the fields which run either side of the Lugg. The bottom of the river is mainly made up of gravel and silt so the wading is relatively easy. We’ve only used rubber soled boots with no studs and had no problem. There is the odd hidden deep hole which can catch you unawares but to be honest they are in places where you’d expect them. The Majority of the beat has gradual changes in depth due to the gravel and silt being pushed along.
Please note care should be taken when wading to avoid disturbing the salmon Redds.


River lugg, Lyepole, fly fishing, wye and usk foundation, fishing

Steep sided valley lines the river Lugg Lyepole

The fishing.

This particular part of the river Lugg is home to Wild brown trout and Grayling. The latter provides the better sport in our opinion. We’ve caught both Trout and Grayling in excess of 1.5lb, the average stamp is around 8-12oz. Some of our days fishing have resulted in more than 15 fish each. The areas holding the fish are quite obvious with your typical riffles, drop offs and tail outs. We’ve had most of our success whilst fishing various nymphs, Czech or french style. We’ve also had some great times catching Grayling on the dry infront of the holiday cottage. But please be aware fishing in front of the cottage is only allowed if the cottage is vacant.

As you will of noticed from the pictures all our fishing is done using “barbless-flies” from We’ve had some great success with them. With nearly all waters nowadays predominantly being catch and release, we much prefer using barbless hooks and not having to remove the barb. White head nymph selection has been one of the most successful flies for us at the river Lugg Lyepole, fished on a dropper above a ceramic fly.

River lugg, Lyepole, wye and usk foundation, fly fishing, grayling

Jon setting the hook into a rising grayling, outside the cottage

When fishing the river Lugg Lyepole we found a good tactic is to use the road bridge as a divide in the beat, and either fish the whole day above or below. I will add we’ve found our most successful trips to be when we’ve concentrated upstream of the bridge, if this hasn’t provided good sport we use a handful of spots downstream of the bridge to fall back on.

grayling, river lugg, the tree trout, lyepole, fly fishing uk, fishing
River lugg, lyepole, grayling, trout, fly fishing uk, fishing
barbless flies, fly fishing uk, the tree trout, fishing
tacky fly box, barbless flies, fly fishing uk, fishing,
fly fishing uk, fishing, the tree trout, river lugg, lyepole
river lugg, lyepole, the tree trout, fly fishing uk, fishing

I hope this blog will assist in deciding whether the river Lugg is a venue which caters for your needs. Its excellent fishing set in a stunning location in my opinion. If there’s anything else you would like to know, then I’m more than happy to try and help with your query. Just drop us a line through the contact page.

Tight lines

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