The river Lugg – Eyton – Leominster

Eyton, river lugg, river, wye and usk foundation, fly fishing, fishing, angling

Eyton – setting the scene


The river Lugg starts its life at Llangynllo, Powys in the Radnor forest of Radnorshire. It makes its way through the border town of Presteigne, then on through Herefordshire. Then onto the town of Leominster which is where the Eyton beat is located. South of this it is met by a tributary, the River Arrow. Which together they flow on and join up with the River Wye at Mordiford. The river Lugg is around 45 miles (72 km).

The parking.

The parking at Eyton is plentiful, it is situated within a working farm though so respect and care should be taken when parking. Arriving at the farm you will see a small sign stating ‘fishing parking’. There is a large concrete pad with fencing directly in front of it, Please be vigilant of the overhead power cable.

Grid references/location will be disclosed once booking has been made through Wye and Usk foundation

The beat.

Eyton beat is available for booking through the Wye and Usk foundation;

Eyton consists of approximately 1.5 miles of double bank fishing. It is set among flat pastures with the odd woodland scattered along its banks. Access to the river is through a series of fields which can hold varying types of livestock be that sheep or cows, caution is to be taken and sticking to the perimeter fences where possible is advised. Approximately mid way along the beat is a Foot bridge for access to and from each side of the river. The make up of the river bed is near identical to the Lyepole which consists of Gravel and silt. Wading is relatively easy but care should be taken due to some deep stretches within the beat and especially around the weirs.
Please note care should be taken when wading to avoid disturbing the salmon Redds.

Eyton, River Lugg, rivers, the tree trout, wye and usk foundation, fishing, angling, fly fishing

The fishing.

As with the Lyepole, Eyton is also home to wild brown Trout, Grayling and spawning Salmon. Both of my fishing trips have been in pursuit of Grayling and on both occasions I have been fortunate to find them shoaled up. My first visit I covered nearly the entire beat and had great success down in the lower weir taking around 20-25 Grayling with the largest being a touch over 1.5 lb. I continued to catch more fish further up on my first visit but they were all a lot smaller. On my second trip to Eyton the levels were much higher than previous and the lower weir was near impossible to fish, so working the riffles coming out of the bends proved to be the best tactic. Again I found some shoals of fish and managed some stunning Grayling. On both visits I caught using French and Czech style methods. I used a variety of nymphs but found heavy tungsten ceramic nymphs were the most successful.


Eyton, River Lugg, wye and usk foundation, fishing, angling, fly fishing, the tree trout

one of many stunning Grayling Eyton has to offer

Eyton, River Lugg, Grayling, rivers, wye and usk foundation, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing, angling

Another stunning Eyton Grayling

Another Great point with Eyton is along the beat there is a lot of area to down gear and fish a series of bends without carrying bags etc. Knowing this the second time I went I took the little cooker so that occasionally a celebratory brew could be had after catching some fish.

Eyton, River Lugg, rivers, wye and usk foundation, the tree trout, fishing, angling, fly fishing

Pool area below lower dam, Levels are high on this pic

I imagine in the right conditions a lure pulled effectively through this deep pool area could pull out some lumps. The lower weir I’ve talked about is just to the right of the picture, the tail out is visible.

Eyton, River Lugg, Wye and usk foundation, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing, angling

The weir, great fishing here, in slightly lower conditions and care taken you can follow it to a shelf into pool area.

Eyton, Orvis, river Lugg, fly fishing, fishing, angling, the tree trout, rivers

The weir in much better condition for fishing

If there is anything else you’d like to know then please feel free to either leave a comment or contact me via the contact page.

Tight lines






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