Review: Smith Creek Trash fish – part 2

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Trash fish.

Well as promised here is part 2 of the ‘Smith Creek Trash Fish’. One thing springs to mind, this thing is a bin and ate all the line I’ve thrown at it. I decided with the end of the Trout season finished it was fair to empty the ‘Trash fish’ and start again. Give or take a few days I’ve used it for a whole Trout season and there was no sign of it becoming full with line. As well as Tippet material, I wound a few damaged and old leaders onto the device. One of my original ideas was to remove the line and tie it all together to get an idea of how much there was. Why I didn’t do that needs no explanation.

Responsible Angler – final conclusion.

I wouldn’t say that my Line waste is particularly high. With that said if the line had been placed in bags and jacket pockets who knows how much could have ended up on the bank or in the river. Carrying the ‘Trash fish’ has made me more conscious of my waste line and has made managing it so much easier. The only thing I’ll change is that I’ll remove the small piece of cord attached to the corner. I’ve found this occasionally gets stuck in the line whilst wrapping around the device. Removal of the line is worth noting. A small slot on the back allows scissors to cut the line. Another big plus for me is I use a waterproof hip pack and getting line or leaders trapped in the zips can have devastating effects. Especially whilst carrying an SLR in there. Whether or not people buy a ‘Trash fish’, everyone should take more care with waste whilst out fishing and not just their fishing line.

The Trash fish will certainly have a place in my fishing bag and if it interests you then take a look at

trash fish, smith creek, fishing, angling, fly fishing, fishing accessories, fishing tackle, darrell upton, wayne smith, the tree trout

March – October, and still plenty more room

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