Review: Orvis Pivot BOA – Wading boots

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Orvis Pivot BOA.

Before I start writing about the above product. I’d just like to make you aware that everything I have written a review for so far has been of products I have purchased myself. I put a lot of time into researching something before making a purchase so usually it turns out to be a good choice. So with that lets take a look at some Wading boots.

Nowadays a good set of waders needs to be complimented by a good set of wading boots. Stocking foot waders are becoming more and more common, with waders with built-in boots less so. Early summer last year I purchased a set of Orvis Pivot wading boots. I opted for the boa system to aid in tightening and removal of the shoe when my hands would be cold in the winter.

wading boots, orvis pivot boa, orvis boa, fishing, fly fishing, angling, fishing tackle, fishing clothing, the tree trout

Chunky sole with out-sole, Scratch resistant rubber guards protect the outer edge of boot


After deciding the pivot would be the boot Id purchase, I contacted 2 different stockist’s to see what size they recommended. Yes this isn’t the ideal way of purchasing boots but with the nearest stockist more than an hour away it was a risk I was willing to take. Being a size 9 in my everyday foot wear I was advised to purchase the same size in the Pivot boot. Where as some other brands have required one size up from my normal shoe size. The sizing has been a perfect fit and hasn’t caused any hot spots or sore feet.

wading boots, Orvis pivot boa, orvis boa, fly fishing, fishing, angling, fishing tackle, fishing clothing, the tree trout

‘BOA’ lace system

Lace System.

For those of you who are unaware what the ‘boa’ lace system is, I will do my best to describe. In short the boa lace system provides the wearer with one-handed operation of tightening and loosening of the boot. The dial found on the front of the boot attached to the tongue tightens when it is pressed in until it clicks, then rotated. Pulling this dial outwards releases the mechanism and allows the lace system to be withdrawn back out of the dial loosening the boot. The lace is made from aircraft grade steel and is extremely strong and durable, the dial itself is very lightweight and also very durable.

Wading boots, orvis pivot boa, orvis boa, fishing clothing, fishing tackle, fishing boots, fishing, angling, the tree trout, orvis

Vibram rubber sole with option of adding screw in studs


The Orvis pivot come decked out with Vibram rubber which through my experience is always a good call. The sole features a Lug pattern with the option of adding PosiGrip Orvis studs for extra traction (please note these are sold separately). The boot features a rocker sole to aid in comfort which is quite noticeable when first wearing these boots. The Sole is also made up of two different rubbers, one offering a lot of traction/grip whilst the other is stiffer and much more hard-wearing and can be found on the outer edge. Around the sides of the boot the sole wraps up adding extra grip which is especially good when navigating submerged rocks.

wading boots, orvis pivot boa, orvis boa, orvis uk, fishing clothing, fishing tackle, fishing, angling, the tree trout

Rubber toe cap and eyelet for attaching gravel guard hooks to

The outer boot.

The outer boot is made up from a highly durable synthetic microfibre, with scratch resistant rubber protecting the obvious places which get damaged easily. On the front of the boot is a rubber toe cap which not only gives your toes some protection but also aids in grip. Found just below the lacing system is a small eyelet used to attach your gravel guards to. ┬áThe rear of the boot is cut out where it sits against the lower part of your calf, I’ve found this gives makes them much more comfortable when standing on steep ground. Pull tags on the rear assist in getting the boots on which is sometimes a chore with wader booties.

wading boots, orvis boa, orvis pivot boa, orvis uk, fishing clothing, fishing tackle, fishing, angling, the tree trout

Cut out in rear of boot aids in yet more comfort

In use / Conclusion.

I’ve certainly racked up some miles in these boots so feel my opinion will be a valid one. In terms of comfort these wading boots are superb, and not once has my fishing been hindered by aching or sore feet. They’re similar to wearing a good set of walking boots. The grip has been as good as you’d expect from a high quality rubber sole with only a very few occasions needing to add studs. The lace system is very easy to use and has never required me to re-adjust them once they were initially put on at the start of a fishing trip. Although I do have a gripe with the boa system, I wish I could tighten them a bit more but the sides of the boot foul the dial allowing no more tightening. This could possibly be sorted by dropping a shoe size but I’m almost sure I’d be limited on space. Where the top guide slots for the wire are mounted these could do with being moved wider apart to allow the top of the boot more room to close up. My 2nd gripe is I’ve refrained from using the eyelet for the gravel guard hook as I find it to be a bit of a stretch and fear the guard may become damaged when clambering in and out of the river. With those two personal gripes dealt with I must say the rest of the boot has been perfect. If your after an all year round set of wading boots which has the grip and the comfort then the pivot is definitely worth a look.

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wading boots, orvis boa, fishing clothing, fly fishing, the tree trout, fishing, angling

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