Reap what you sow “New residents”

underwater shot of WBT

As the season progressed the brooks transformation continued. The unrestricted flow now carved and molded its new path clearing out any unwanted silt. Stones were re-organized and other loose debris that littered the bottom. Along with the new face lift also came new residents. Over the coming months the average stamp of fish dramatically increased. And As they say you reap what you sow.

wild brown trout, Brook, wild streams, fly fishing uk, the tree trout, reap

one of the first larger residents to be captured


Due to the nature of the brook. Sight fishing was particularly easy and also provided an image of what was going on with the population of fish. We’ve noticed that key spots that once held groups of small trout are now home to a single larger fish. Jon and myself regularly watch the smaller fish get chased out of areas by the larger fish.

Selfie, Brook, brown trout, Fly fishing UK, wild stream, reap, the tree trout

The joys of taking photos alone

throughout the summer, Jon and I worked on different tactics and slowly worked our way through the larger specimen fish. Great sport and excitement came from catching fish at close quarters on the dry-fly. But as time went on and the summer months heightened a new challenge arisen. Just as we were getting to grips with how to fish this small awkward brook and also catch fish in the process. Mother nature decided to teach us a lesson. With the lack of rain throughout the summer the level of the brook became very low and in turn the flow slowed down substantially. Entering the water suddenly resulted in instant failure, and at a place with little to no bank room. This made things very difficult!.


As the trout season neared its end the brook became harder with every visit. With decreasing water levels pushing fish into inaccessible areas we finally called it a day until the new season. We owe the brook a lot for what it taught us and for the great times that have been had there, it was only fair not to bleed it dry.

successful release. Brook. Wild stream, Brown trout, Fly fishing uk, reap, the tree trout

successful release

What next.

I am eager to see what transformations have happened, ready for the coming season. As I write this we’ve just come to the end of a string of bad storms. Which have left the little brook Chocolate brown and unrecognizable. Will the new season bring more new residents?. Will we even recognize the same spots that held fish this year?. who knows only time will tell.

Awkward fishing, Brook, Fly fishing uk, Wild streams, reap, the tree trout

Awkward fishing

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