Review: Orvis Superfine carbon 8’6 3# full-flex

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Superfine detail.

I think I mentioned before that I purchased a Superfine carbon in a spur of the moment purchase. I’ve been extremely pleased with this rod and regularly surprised by how it performs or how its allowed me to perform should I say. When the rod arrived in its sleek aluminium tube and Crisp bag I was very impressed. Upon removal of the rod I couldn’t help but grin like a child on Christmas morning, Sharp delicate looking reel seat with a lovely cork grip. The blank itself is unsanded giving a textured finish which i guess reduces glare and flashes from the rod. One of my favorite parts of the superfine carbon is the winding check, looks very slick. Connecting each of the sections together is made very easy with small white dots which are found near the male and female joints on the rod. The rod is kitted out with silver snake guides and hardware including a fly/hook keeper.

superfine, orvis superfine carbon, the tree trout, fishing rod, fishing tackle, full flex rod,

Aluminium tube, Crisp rod bag, 25-year guarantee and a very nice rod!

Fishing with the Superfine carbon.

I originally purchased the rod to use predominately on ‘the brook‘. I took the risk of purchasing an 8’6 under my own belief that with some practice a longer rod can be used on small brooks and rivers. I’m glad I stuck to my gut decision as I’m yet to use a rod shorter than this one on any rivers, streams or brooks. I chose to set the rod up with a Battenkill 1 reel and Orvis Hydros Superfine line, and what a perfect combination it has been.

superfine, orvis superfine carbon, fly fishing, the tree trout, fishing tackle, fishing rod, fishing, angling

Perfect harmony

Being a full flex rod meaning the action runs all the way through the entire blank the rod feels very springy in hand. But when line is paid out and you begin casting the rod feels very stable and precise. I was amazed by the control I had when casting and also surprised at the distances achievable with the Superfine carbon. Being 3# this rod is very supple and protects light tippets perfectly. Whilst playing fish down the brook they have a tendency of charging towards you. I’ve had fish swim past me and down stream and with very little room to move this has resulted in the rod being bent double yet holding onto the fish with ease. One thing I have noticed with the Superfine is that when I’ve hooked bottom, I have sometimes been unable to pull the hook free due to the rod cushioning, yet when I’ve held the line by hand and pulled, its come dislodged with ease. This to me clearly shows how well the rod cushions lunges and protects the use of light tippet material.

Superfine, orvis superfine carbon, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing tackle, fishing rods, fishing, angling

White dots making aligning very simple

Delicate presentation.

Due to the nature of the Superfine carbon it lends it’s self perfectly to dry fly presentation. Delicacy is what it does best, allowing with practice to gently lay a dry on the surface with minimal disturbance. I’ve found it quite easy to make the tippet and fly almost flutter down onto the surface rather than drummed into the water. the Orvis Hydros Superfine line works brilliantly with this rod as the head is only 17′ so loads the rod up quickly when casting short distances lowering the amount of false casting needed.

Superfine, orvis superfine carbon, fly fishing, fishing tackle, fishing rods, angling, the tree trout

Winding check and fly/hook keeper

Small criticism.

One small negative I’ve found with the Superfine is that the reel seat doesn’t feature an extra locking ring. This results in me tightening the locking ring rather tight as I have had it undo. Not a big factor and I imagine its possibly something to do with keeping the weight down and balancing the rod. Another note, for aesthetics the end cap on the butt would have been nice with Orvis stamped on it.

Superfine, orvis superfine carbon, fly fishing, fishing tackle, fishing rods, fishing, angling, the tree trout

Reel seat would be better with two locking rings


If your after an exciting rod to use then look no further (it still amazes me how much this rod bends when playing fish). A confidence booster and a definite welcomed weapon to any anglers arsenal. Available in multiple lengths and weights there’s something to cover every situation. Along with this you get a 25-year guarantee which covers pretty much every type of breakage and failure imaginable. Lovely addition when spending close to £400.

RRP £375 check it out over at Orvis or find your local Orvis shop



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