Review: Orvis Safe passage rod/reel case (2 rod)

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The Safe passage rod/reel bag.

A lot of rods nowadays already come in their own protective tube which usually facilitates some sort of carrying handle. I have tried to religiously strip the rod down and place everything bag into its protective tubes, reel cases and so on. But this very rarely happens to be the case. Rain lashing down and strong winds at the end of a day’s fishing usually results in the rod being partly broken down and placed in the car. Back when I coarse fished I always had rod holdalls and always packed the rods away. It seemed silly for me not to do the same thing with my fly rods as most of them are double the price of any of the coarse rods I used. Scouring the net I came across the Orvis Safe passage holdall. Choosing a 2 rod holdall I made the purchase.

safe passage, Orvis, Orvis uk, the tree trout, fishing luggage, fishing tackle, fly fishing

The business end

The bag.

The Safe passage rod bag is made from PVC tube covered in a nylon type of material. The end opposite the opening has a tougher coating that appears water-resistant and prevents the bag from being scuffed. Safe passage rod holdall really comes into its own when you look at the reel storage end. The zip compartment has two larger zippers which when unzipped in opposite directions completely uncovers the reels and doesn’t obstruct unlike other rod bags. This was a main deciding factor for me making my purchase as it just offers great ease when packing or unpacking rods. The bag also comes with a small carry handle as well as an adjustable shoulder strap which is removable. The dimensions are: 7″D x 7½”W; 34½” long.

safe passage, orvis, orvis uk, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing luggage, fishing tackle

unobstructed opening allows for ease of packing rods away

Reel/rod storage.

Orvis’s Safe passage reel storage compartment is a great design, it’s large enough to accommodate conventional or large arbor reels. The reels are separated by a padded – nylon insert which prevents damage occurring from reels touching. Each section of your rod (bag store’s up to 10′ – four piece rods) is separated by a nylon sleeve which runs down inside the PVC tube.

safe passage, orvis, orvis uk, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing luggage, fishing tackle

Articulated clips provide better comfort when carrying over shoulder

Shoulder strap.

The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and is positioned so to balance the bag perfectly. The strap is attached via two very neat clips which articulate and aid in comfort when carrying over the shoulder. Orvis state the 2 rod holdall has a perforated foam pad for comfort but mine never came with this. Once the shoulder strap has been removed you are just left with two neat clip points for re-attachment which do not obstruct the use of the bag.

safe passage, orvis uk, orvis, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing luggage, fishing tackle

Shoulder strap removed

My final thoughts on the Safe passage rod bag.

Having owned this bag for 8 months now it has done a great job in protecting my rods and reels. With all my reels fitting inside the bag it has made life easy when packing away. I no longer leave rods half made up and juggle with the possibility of damage in transit. In the future I may consider purchasing another Safe passage rod bag but a 1 rod holdall. Due to carrying two rods in the bag I occasionally worry about leaving a secondary rod in a vehicle whilst fishing, where as a 1 rod holdall would solve this. As with all Orvis products I have no doubts about this bag lasting a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this bag to anyone looking to purchase a rod holdall.

safe passage, orvis uk, orvis, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing luggage, fishing tackle

End of rod bag has tougher nylon material to prevent scuffing

Check out the Orvis safe passage rod and reel bag available here.


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