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Making the most of an opportunity.

Posts have been very limited as of late due to a lack of fishing caused by the cross over of seasons and the poor weather. Having a few poor trips recently I decided to have a break for a couple of weeks and let the weather pick up. Early last week I found myself working for a regular client of ours. When I realised there was one days work in a particular area which has a pool containing carp, my brain began working overtime. One of my goals for this year was to catch carp on the fly. After a quick word which resulted in being given the nod I got the bag and rod ready at home in case the opportunity arose.

A change of luck.

Heading to site we were greeted with glorious skies and a pleasantly warm mid March sun. I couldn’t believe my luck. Through out the morning I occasionally trickled in a bit of bread and some dog biscuits to try and tempt the fish to the surface. Mid day couldn’t arrive sooner and with a very short time window called ‘dinner break’ we had our work cut out. Fortunately Jon was on hand with his catapult and kept a very steady flow of single and double dog biscuits going in which kept the fish interested and pulled them to the surface. With the rod all set to go I crept into place and cast out into the middle of the free offerings. With the occasional re cast to set the trap I landed in the path of a confident feeding common. A pair of rubbery lips broke the surface and engulfed the dog biscuit just a foot or so from mine before disappearing back under the surface. I gently tended the slack to make sure I was in contact whilst I anxiously watched my fly. A slight bit of disturbance from beneath caused the fly to bob around before the same pair of orange-brown lips emerged and paused slightly before engulfing the fly and making a break for freedom. The fish made a dash for a snag a few yards away but with some persuasion turned and headed to the bank I was stood on. After plodding around and burying its head it eventually rose to the surface and showed its golden flank briefly before seeing the net and making one last dash. Unfortunately for the fish it was a short lived final attempt to break the connection between angler and fish and with a bit of persuasion slipped its head over the rim of the net.

Carp on the fly, carp, fly fishing, fishing, angling, the tree trout

Stunning common

One more Carp for good measure.

With time running out and the water disturbed, the chances of another looked slim. Luckily Jon had still kept the feed going in whilst I played the carp and it wasn’t long until another boil appeared on the surface. And with that I didn’t need any more persuasion to try for another. Out went the fly again and this time I was adamant to try and get the take on video. Go Pro set, Trap set, Fish disappear typical. As I pressed the off button on the camera and it gave out its 3 bleeps to confirm my selection a fish rose from no where and without hesitation engulfed my fly. I was in again, another small angry common which wanted to tie knots around the snag. The fight was a bit shorter this time and was quickly netted by Ciaran who had gave me a running commentary through out the fight.

Carp on the fly, carp, fly fishing, fishing, angling, the tree trout

Another small but stunning common. A great start to catching carp on the fly rod

And with that our dinner break was over and yet more trees needed attending too. Hopefully this will be the start to another species I can regularly get out and target with the fly rod. All being well the weather will be kind to us all for the next few weeks and some good sport can be had on the rivers.

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