All i want for Christmas is a Grayling.

Eyton, river Lugg, fly fishing uk, the tree trout, fishing

In pursuit of 1 more Grayling.

With the short days and poor weather recently, fishing has been hard to come by. The usual pressure of Christmas season taking priority for many. I decided I’d take my chances and go in pursuit of 1 more Grayling before Christmas arrived. Looking at my options which were mainly based on previous experience and knowledge of a venue, I chose Eyton. The river Lugg does tend to take longer than most for its levels to settle due to the geography of the land in which it passes through. But there hadn’t been large amounts of rain for a while and the river level chart was stating average for time of year.

River Lugg, Eyton, Grayling, fly fishing, fly fishing uk, the tree trout, fishing

The weir pushing through much more than id previously seen

Finding the Grayling.

Arriving at Eyton with a plan in mind proved to be a downfall. As i marched across fields, footbridge and over various stiles I noticed how wet the ground was. My plan was to get myself down to the weir, set up and spend the day working the weir and the pool beyond. My last visit around 20 Grayling were fooled by some nymphing, and I was sure there was plenty more to be had. Standing water on the fields was now a concern in my head, but then I was met by greater concern. The sound of the weir was far louder than my previous visit it sounded like a raging torrent. My plan had failed, looking down onto the weir i could see there was around 3 feet of water more than when I fished here before. I decided to try my luck and give the likely spots a run through with some nymphs

fly fishing, Eyton, River Lugg, Grayling, fly fishing uk, fishing, czech nymphing

trying my luck Czech nymphing

As usual the time passed rather quickly and if I wasn’t careful the day would be a failure. I got the lures out in the hope of finding some sulking territorial Pike. I know lower down below Leominster there are Pike in the Lugg. After half hour of throwing some lures which even though no fish showed any interest, it resulted in some good fun. But a change in location was definitely on the cards so back up river I went after negotiating the tricky exit from the gravel bar on the pool.

Grayling, the tree trout, fly fishing uk, fishing, Eyton, River Lugg, fishing

Bit of fun throwing some loops

1 Grayling usually means more will follow.

Moving upstream my interest was caught by 2 small bends. We dropped the bags and put the kettle on. After a quick cup of tea I shortened my tippet length and dropped the weight of the flies. The water here wasn’t as deep nor as turbulent. First cast I was met by that weird vibration you feel through the line as you try to set the hook whilst Czech nymphing, Definitely a fish. Next drift I made it count and pulled out a very small but welcome juvenile Grayling. This fish was lay on the edge of the weaker channel of current so I slowly worked my way into the different channels in search of potentially bigger fish. A few drifts in and I was met by a much more welcome size fish of around 8-9 oz. I was pretty sure I’d found some fish now, and carefully worked each seam. After a few small fish I was met with a solid Thump on the end of the line. I could tell it was a better fish, keeping its head low with quick bursts down stream. Eventually the fish gave in and slid over the rim of the net.

Grayling, Eyton, river Lugg, fly fishing uk, fishing, the tree trout

Trying to drop the hook

Successful day.

The day quickly draw to an end and I made the journey back to the midlands. Id got what I wanted and managed to bag more than just the 1 Grayling id hoped for. With the larger one being a lot more than what id expected to catch. Now I’m already hoping to catch 1 more before the new year arrives, so already the planning begins for the next outing. I will shortly write a full review for the Eyton beat on the Lugg to accompany the Lyepole review.

Have a great Christmas and tight lines.

Grayling, Eyton, river lugg, fly fishing uk, fishing, the tree trout,

“the lady of the stream”

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