Every anglers dream?

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A dream becoming reality “the brook”.

In my experience all fisherman dream of having their own secluded retreat where fishing costs nil and good sport can be had, This very scenario happened to land in the laps of myself and Jon.

Id done some work for the environment agency further down stream of this particular brook. Our task was to fell selected trees and wire them to the bank creating a chicane in sections of the brook that were notorious for silting up. The work was successful and in the coming months the badly silted areas slowly cleared exposing clean gravel beds. These would now provide new areas for trout to spawn or take residence near.

Id regularly passed the brook much further up-stream but was never 100% sure it was home to brown trout. But after hearing it from the E.A agent that was it, I needed to scratch the itch. Fortunately gaining permission was a breeze as two of the land owners were friends of a friend.

Brown trout, brook, dam, dream, wild stream, fly fishing uk, the tree trout

  The impassable dam

It wasn’t long until Jon and I were walking its very wild and over grown banks scouting out possible runs and glides. Quickly we identified a potential flaw in the brooks layout in the form of an impassable dam. This particular section of the brook quite clearly hadn’t been touched for a very long time. A fallen ash tree lay the full width of the brook and had collected years of debris. Above the dam the water was around 5-6 feet deep with no flow and a continual plume of bubbles here and there coming from the rotting vegetation and silt.

brown trout, dream, brook, the tree trout, wild stream, fly fishing uk, fishing

A very special fish

dream catcher.

A few different tactics were tried that day. Eventually a Brown trout slipped up giving us the first fish from the brook, a very special fish that wont be forgotten, and a dream that came true. We left the brook that morning with an even bigger itch and a lot of expectations for the future.

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