Review: DMM XSRE – The perfect companion

DMM XSRE, fly fishing, the tree trout, fishing accessories

A DMM carabiner why?.

Well I just love them, I use various types day in day out whilst at work, bit bigger than this little fella mind. I get sick of using cheap carabiner’s whilst fishing, the ones that come free with a bag etc. Bit of use and the gate spring has gone or the gate falls off when you most need them. Enough was enough so now I carry a DMM XSRE with me, yeah its probably a personal thing. But it gets the job done better than most whilst still being tiny, 57 mm x 33 mm to be precise. 4 KN of pulling force can be handled by this little hard knock, So you can be sure when hanging drinks bottles or nets from it that its not going to let you down. Please be aware they are not intended for climbing use, they were designed for the racking of gear on harnesses.

DMM XSRE, fishing accessories, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing

Small but mighty and gets the job done

So if you need a very strong reliable source of attaching more stuff to your bags or waders etc then look no further than the DMM XSRE. Yes there quite expensive but isn’t everything that does a job correctly?. Interested? follow the link for more information, Made in wales too.


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