Darrell Upton “how my fishing began”

Like most.

My fishing began its life at a young age sitting along side my dad. I was More concerned about what was on our sandwiches rather than what we may catch. At the time it was more an adventure to me than a hobby but I was a mere 4-5 years old.

Throughout my childhood I regularly returned to fishing which helped pass some time on weekends and school holidays. It wasn’t until I saw the capture of a double figure mirror carp that I was literally ‘hooked’. The next decade or so was spent pursuing carp and the occasional pike. My interests always seemed to lie with the less commercial waters where I day dreamed of the possibility of an unknown/uncaught fish.

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31lb of Canal carp

After tailoring my tactics and finding my strengths I began to realize that unless my fishing was done at close range where i could observe and stalk my quarry then I didn’t feel content. After some changes in circumstances, time became limited and I didn’t have the long weekends that I once did. I began focusing on winter fishing pursuing pike when the work season had died down slightly and my spare time increased.

Pike, fly fishing uk, the tree trout, darrell upton, fishing

After meeting Jon it didn’t take long to find some common ground and we got onto the subject of fishing. Jon regularly dropped fly fishing into the conversation but i never took the bait thinking it’s another venture which will cost me a small fortune and may not be something that interests me. Sneakily and cleverly if i may say so Jon brought one of his fly rods to work and insisted that i gave it a chuck in the yard and this is where our fly fishing adventure began.

Why “the tree trout”.

Myself and Jon are both Arborists working together for a professional family run business. The name “The tree trout” seemed very relevant as not only do we climb trees but regularly catch our fair share of tree trout.

So that’s a little bit about how my fishing came about, interested in ‘Why I fish?’. If so, follow the link for an article I wrote for Eat-Sleep-Fish. “Why I Fish”

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