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Through out fishing in various disciplines, polarizing glasses have always been something I’ve owned. I’ll hold my hand ups, I always purchased cheap glasses. I always thought there wouldn’t be a huge difference in polarizing glasses, how ignorant I was. It wasn’t until I started fly fishing, wearing glasses not only for visual purposes but also for eye protection that I had problems. Long days spent watching the water I noticed how sore and fatigued my eyes became, occasionally resulting in headaches. After reading other people complaining with similar problems and stating it was down to poor quality lenses I made my decision. New glasses, but how much should I spend? £80?, £120 or should I go all out, and go top line?. After justifying it to my self with the theory that as long as I don’t lose them this will be the last pair I buy, I ordered Costa’s.

costa, costa del mar, rooster, polarizing glasses, the tree trout, fishing accessories, fishing clothing, fly fishing

The Rooster 580G

The Rooster.

After making the decision to go with glass lenses it was just the frame model to choose, I opted for Rooster. With all my fishing done on freshwater and majority of our weather being very mixed I chose the copper colour lenses. The Rooster come with Side-cupped frames to help reduce glare passing behind the frames/lenses. As well as reducing glare the cups or plates have small holes to promote air circulation and reduce fogging on the lens. I haven’t experienced any fogging throughout the year in varying weather conditions so they must do their job. The arms and nose bridge have a rubberized texture which grips to your head/face whilst offering a good level of comfort, these frames definitely suit people with a larger face like my self. The arms accommodate straps with the clip and swivel fitting, I did experience trouble when trying to use conventional straps from Costa, which wouldn’t slide along the arms due to their depth. One small negative with the frames are they can become a bit creaky on the arms but I’m sure some sort of oil will solve this.

costa, costa del mar, rooster, the tree trout, polarizing glasses, fly fishing, fishing clothing, fishing accessories

Side plates to prevent glare with added ventilation

Costa lenses.

Costa state that their lenses are ‘the clearest lenses on the planet’. my knowledge of lenses doesn’t allow me to comment, but damn they are Clear and provide a crisp vision. My eyes instantly feel relaxed when wearing these, which I imagine is down to the polarizing lens removing harmful rays of light. I’ve worn these for hours on end and have not once felt fatigue in my eyes, quite clearly paying extra, was worth while in this case. The copper colour works well for the majority of my fishing too, aimed at lower light conditions which is fairly regular in the UK unfortunately. But saying that I’ve had no issues when using in very strong sun light in the summer months. Getting back on track, these lenses offer 100% UV blockage and 100% polarization. Costa state they are lighter than your average polarized glass too, the Rooster (frame and lens) weigh in at 43 grams.

costa del mar, costa, rooster glasses, the tree trout, fishing accessories, fishing clothing, fly fishing

Copper lens, note the hole in the arm for attachment of neck strap

Lens comparison test.

Hopefully from the pics below you’ll be able to see the advantages the lenses offer. Pictures were taken one after another, one without lens one with. Pics were taken on a very clear day with strong sunlight.

costa, costa del mar, costa rooster, rooster glasses, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing accessories, fishing clothing, fishing

Without polarizing lens

costa, costa del mar, costa rooster, rooster glasses, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing clothing, fishing accessories, fishing

with polarizing lens

Final words.

After now owning a top notch set of polarizing glasses I fully appreciate how much better they are than bog standard polarized glasses. When sight fishing these glasses give you a massive edge, I’m pretty sure I now see more fish than I did before. Costa do offer all their range of frames in the slightly cheaper plastic lenses which offer the same UV and polarization qualities as the glass. Built by hand, every pair of Costa’s come with a limited lifetime warranty which is also nice to know. So as long as you don’t misplace these glasses, you can be sure they’ll last a long time. Sometimes in life I do believe it is worth spending the extra and these glasses reflect that perfectly. I’m pretty sure at some point I’ll be purchasing another set with different colour lenses.

Check out the Roosters over at Costa Del Mar.

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