a memorable catch of 2016

Memorable catch, catch, fly fishing, the tree trout, fishing, angling

A Memorable catch.

With March just around the corner it’s hard not to think about what the coming months could have in store. I was sat doing the same the other day and remembered my most memorable catch of last year. Though not the biggest it was certainly one of those that will always be remembered. It came during a visit to mulberry Whin August last year.

Through out the day the weather was very mixed, light showers in the morning and a very overcast sky. The fishing had already been very successful and a good number of fish had been caught by both Jon and I. With the fishing seeming to grind to a halt we decided to finish the day near the car park. Walking back along the beat we were graced with some late afternoon sun, although very welcoming this proved to make the fishing extremely difficult. With the sun sat low in the sky, sight fishing was near impossible. Whilst sitting having a quick drink we noticed a type of Caddis fly emerging from the water. They would emerge and take flight only to plummet back to the waters surface and bounce back off. Some where successful and survived their failed attempts to take off. Others were not so lucky and were quickly engulfed as they touched down, which also revealed the position of the fish. On one occasion we were fortunate enough to witness one of these moths get taken mid flight from a good half a feet above the surface.

With time getting on and a long journey back home, we decided we best set a time to stop fishing and head to the car. With about half hour left I decided to go up stream about 50 yards or so as I was sure I heard a very splashy rise. Sneaking around the slight corner and peering around the bush which perched on the edge of the bank, I saw a very confident rise about 20 yards up just before the river turned left. I’d already tied on a pale orange elk hair Caddis so was ready to go. I knew it was one of those moments were this is the last fish your going to get to fish for that day, So the pressure was on. The light was not in my favour and 80% of the weed was not visible just a few stalks of Ranunculus, so dropping in to the tight channel between was going to be a hard task. Leaning through the vegetation I dropped my fly into the water and gave it a quick flick down stream whilst I stripped some line off the reel. 2 false casts maximum I told myself as I was quite close to the fish, 1, 2. The line shot out and as I felt it shoot back to the reel, I quickly lowered the rod and reached forward to stop the fly being pulled back. What happened next happened so fast but seemed like an age. I watched the line almost flutter down and land on top of the weed close to the bank. Bollocks, but as I thought that the fly landed into the clear channel. Actually I’m not even sure if the fly did touch the water I just remember the line landing partly on the weed and then bang. A very confident wild brown took flight and completely left the water. I remember thinking well I couldn’t of timed that any worse, presuming another fly had taken his fancy just before mine but that wasn’t the case. This little fella had committed and even if I hadn’t of struck he’d of been on the end hanging on. After a feisty little fight he gave in and slid into the net, Couple of pics and he was back on his way.

With that I packed up with a smile on my face whilst thinking, either my presentation was perfect or this fish would of ate anything, I’m more leaning towards the latter.

Roll on March.

Memorable catch, catch, fly fishing, the tree trout, fishing, angling

An extremely confident little fella


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