Brook specimen before the arrival of the baby.

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Couple of hours down the Brook.

With the due date of the baby getting very close, I’ve decided to stay local for good reason. With a couple of hours to spare on a sunny Sunday morning I decided to get down the Brook and try my luck. With Jase getting married the following week his fishing outings were becoming very numbered so he met me down there too. On arrival we decided we’d work our way through the woodland and start low down on the stretch and take a look at how the rest of the water was coming along.

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always an enjoyable walk into the Brook.

The fish lower down are in great numbers but are extremely spooky, so a scout of the area was more on the cards ready for next trip. Nearing the spots we’d done work on, we noticed fish sitting in areas we hadn’t seen them before. Which was a very pleasant surprise and highlighted the benefits of the recent works.

After some chin wagging and generally being rather noisy we’d started running out of prime sections of water. With one favourite section left, we slowed up and started throwing some flies at some likely spots where rises are usually seen. With nothing showing any interest to Jase’s flies we swapped and I tried my olive parachute in a very small size. Couple of casts in I chucked it towards a rise we’d seen earlier and hey presto a solid rise engulfed the fly. Lifting the rod I expected the usual jittery small brown racing round at 100mph but that wasn’t the case. The rod tip bent over, and held in the same position before pulling the remaining line from my hand and then stripping a few yards off the reel. After a spirited fight and a poor job of netting (Jase blamed the light conditions) we finally lifted a true Brook prize from the net.

Brook, the brook, wild trout, trout, brown trout, fly fishing, fishing, angling, the tree trout, darrell upton

True Brook specimen

Baby Treetrout.

After a cracking couple of hours down the Brook, I returned home and not long after the wife went into labour. Finally after some time and a hassle free birth, Nancy Erin Upton was born at 5.56 weighing in at 7.4lb. To say I’m over the moon is an understatement, not very often you have two great catches within 24 hours with one of them being the best of your life!.

Baby girl, the brook, brook, the tree trout, darrell upton, fly fishing, fishing, angling

Nancy Upton


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