Review: Barbless flies – 8 metre Czech nymphing leader

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Czech nymph leader.

I’ve been using one of these for some months now. Prior to this I used a similar sort of leader for Czech nymphing. After talking to Richard from Barbless-flies¬†we decided it could be tailored to better suit our needs. And that is exactly what has been done. Slightly longer length, thinner diametre, tippet ring and a very visible colour. The outcome is an extremely sensitive and highly visible leader for Czech nymphing.

Czech, nymphing leader, barbless-flies, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing accessories

8m leader with instructions on how to set up and how to use


The leader arrives in a very neat folded card with instructions on fitment and a brief description of use. This is a nice addition to your usual packaging which usually consists of no literature. The card on which the Czech leader is supplied can also act as a place to store your leader whilst not in use.

Czech, nymphing leader, barbless flies, the tree trout, fly fishing, fly fishing accessories

Czech Leader comes wrapped around card which can be used for storage when not in use

The leader.

The leader is 8 metres in length which is enough to have at least 1 to 2 metres wound onto the reel. It is also coated with silicon to aid in longevity and prevent twists. The Czech leader is non tapered with a diametre between 0.180mm and 0.200mm (with a breaking strain of around 6lb). The Bi-colour consists of a yellow and orange which is extremely visible against water etc. Each end of the Czech leader comes with a 1.5mm tippet ring attached.

Czech, nymphing leader, barbless flies, the tree trout, fly fishing, fishing accessories

Extremely visible Bi-colour


Here’s a brief description of my personal take on the above heading. I remove one tippet ring and attach directly to the leader on my reel. I wind approximately 1-2 metres onto the reel or more depending on the fishing conditions. The working end of the leader I attach my length of tippet usually in 6x or 5x. I constantly alter the length of tippet depending on the depth of water fished. This can be fished with single fly or multiple droppers. Due to the low diametre of the leader it is very sensitive and I trap part of it between my finger and rod handle allowing me to feel vibrations up the line. On a typical drift I aim to create a very slight belly in the line and keep this up through out the drift. Bites or hitting bottom will be visible through straightening of line along with a vibration felt in the fingers. Any movement or feeling in the line should be gently struck instantly, if its bottom you hopefully dislodge the fly and continue your drift.


If you want to add an edge to your Czech nymphing then this will definitely help improve your game over conventional fly line methods. And for the cheap price that Barbless-flies are selling them for then it is definitely worth a go. Follow any of the links within the post to be directed to their 8m leader.

Tight lines

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