Review: Orvis/Abel Nippers

Orvis, abel, the tree trout, fly fishing uk, fishing, fishing accessories

Orvis Abel nippers.

After looking at purchasing a set of these for some time and trying to justify the price tag, i was fortunate enough to be selected for winning the monthly Orvis sweep stake for writing a review on their site. The prize was £100 worth of gift vouchers. I was gob smacked it was the first time id ever won anything from as far as i can remember, obviously i was eager to spend it but There wasn’t a lot i needed, but all of a sudden those Abel Orvis nippers were justifiable.

Abel, Orvis, the tree trout,, trout, grayling, fly fishing uk, fishing accessories, fishing

High craftsmanship with a hefty price?

My thoughts.

I’ve been using them now for around 6 months or so. By no means are they life changing or a game changer when fishing but they’re a top quality piece of kit that when called upon performs every time. I’ve been using the lanyard that can be purchased separately or as a set. A lanyard works well for me as i keep it around my neck and either tuck it down behind my chest pack or down inside the front of my coat. But at £25 for a lanyard i’d of probably purchased some para-cord and made one my self.

Orvis, Abel, Nippers, Fishing accessories, fly fishing uk, fishing, the tree trout, trout, grayling

Lanyard comes attached with matching green beads

I imagine the price tag is frowned upon by many anglers. I’ve used various other nippers that are much cheaper and id say each have their own pros and cons. These just feel like your off to clip royalty’s toe nails when they’re hung around your neck.

Abel, nippers, orvis, lanyard, the tree trout, fly fishing uk, fishing, trout, grayling

Orvis/Abel nippers with lanyard

When held these nippers feel real secure yet small and light 0.7 oz to be exact, and in no time feel like an extension to your fingers. the shape of the nose definitely makes for cutting tags really close and as for the cutting I’ve had no problems with any type of line be that mono, fluro or braid. My only Fault with them when cutting is that if you don’t hold them close enough to the edge of the blade, the shaft that the spring is aligned on protrudes from the body and it feels that no more pressure can be applied. Featured just behind the cutting edge is also an eye cleaning pin which is fine but i do have my doubts for how long the pin will remain straight or intact.

Orvis, Abel, fishing accessories, fly fishing uk, the tree trout, fishing, trout, grayling

Profile of blades definitely allows tags to be trimmed short

All in all.

They are fully serviceable and come with a two-year warranty. Abel will replace the blades if they wear out. So if you are after a set of nippers that will last you a lifetime or you suffer from the dreaded fate of the ‘tackle tart’ then id definitely give the Orvis Abel nippers a look.

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